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Cox Crew: Emilie Barnes, Receptionist at Cox Roofing

In May 2018, Emilie Barnes arrived to work part-time at Cox Roofing to support its administrative team. Quickly, she blew the Cox team away with her efficiency, speed and learning, so was offered a full-time position. She’s been an integral part of the Cox Roofing office team ever since.

The mom, customer support specialist and prankster shares why she loves working for Cox Roofing.

Q: “What are three words to describe Cox Roofing?”
A: “Fast-paced, tight knit and productive.”

Q: “What do you like most about Cox Roofing?”
A: “I enjoy working for a family-owned company. I feel much more appreciated than I ever did when I worked for corporate America. I do not feel under-valued, disposable or unheard anymore, and that is something I will always be thankful for.”

Q: “What have you gained from working at Cox Roofing?”
A: “Not only have I gained knowledge in an industry I was formerly unfamiliar with, but I have further developed myself from a customer service standpoint. Also, working as an Administrative Assistant forces a person to multitask like never before. I’ve learned to prioritize and organize in order to contribute to the most efficient flow.”

Q: “What’s the favorite place you’ve ever been?”
A: “My husband and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for our honeymoon. I’ve never seen a more beautiful place!”

Q: “Do you really any embarrassing moments in the office?”
A: “I haven’t had any truly embarrassing moments here, but we are notorious pranksters around the office. There have been many moments where any one of us (myself included) will find ourselves startled, tricked or pranked and those moments are the best! It’s all light-hearted fun.”

Q: “What do you like to do for fun?”
A: “My family is all about water activities.  We like to float. My husband and our son, Pryor, like to hang out by the pool.  We visit several different lakes every summer.  If water is involved, we’d consider it a good time.”