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Before You Sign a Roofing Contract

Here are some things to consider before you sign a contract.

1. How long have they been in business?
You can go to the Library and look in the old phone books. See if they were there 5,10,20 years ago, or even last year!


2. Do they have qualified, insured roofing personnel to do the job correctly?
Some contractors merely sell work and then they subcontract others to do their work. You end up getting the cheapest help of the day instead of an insured crew of supervised professionals. This can put YOU at extreme risk with possible non insured workers.


3. Are they fully insured?
Workers Compensation, Public liability, Truck fleet insurance, Extend coverages, city licenses, etc.? Ask to SEE a certificate.


4. Is theirs an established place of business?
If they claim to have an office or showroom, go by and check them out. P.O. boxes and cell phone numbers as an office number may be a warning sign.


5. Do they have proper equipment to get the job done right?
We all know there is a proper tool for every job and it holds true for roofing too. Proper ladders, pneumatic tools, trucks and trailers, are just the big tools that are needed to do any roofing job. The last thing you want is a rented dumpster blocking and scarring your driveway!


6. How do they furnish you with names of satisfied customers?
Go on Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Google, or countless others sites to see to see raw reviews. Not just a list of a few happy customers that anyone can dig up.


7. Are they home owned and operated?
Refrain from using out of town contractors who won’t be around to honor their warranty or help you in the future.


8. Will they give you a firm contract price?
Beware of entering into a contract if there is not a total cost for roofing. Decking/structural work should be the only variable. Other concerns can arise during a job but they shouldn’t affect the ability to finish the contract in place.


9. Will they present Factory and Company warranties to you on completion of job?


10. Will they furnish you with a Lien Waiver on completion?


You don’t want to have to pay for a roof job twice! Without a lien waiver the material suppliers can come straight to YOU if they don’t get paid for the roofing installed on your home.