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There are several components to a roof system.

People have a tendency to focus on shingles and/or flat roofing membrane.

A new roof can make a home or business look awesome but if it fails to do its job then all of the money spent seem worthless.

Cox Roofing of the greater Springfield and Branson Missouri area want to do our best to look at your roofing system as a whole and not just replace what is there with new roofing.

Things like skylights, chimneys, roof and soffit vents, specialty underlayments, are just a few of the things our professionals will be looking at along with offering different roofing types for you to make an informed decision.

Roofing Supply Brands Used By Cox Roofing

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 Since roof repair and roof replacement is on the pricier side of home improvement, we will protect you from buying a home you’re going to lose money on.