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Cox Crew: Steven Zweifel, estimator at Cox Roofing

In 2010, Steven Zweifel moved to Springfield and started his career at Cox Roofing — the only job he’s ever had in Missouri. Nearly a decade later, Steven has served hundreds of customers and families as one of Cox’s estimators.

The camper, father and lake-bound boater shares what he loves about the Ozarks and his career.

Q: “What are three words to describe Cox Roofing?”

A: “Family, friends and fun.”

Q: “You’re an estimator at Cox Roofing. What’s the best part of your job?”

A: “Being outside and being able to meet new people. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I can service their needs.”

Q: “What have you gained from working at Cox Roofing?”

A: “My co-workers have become my friends, and I like who I work with every day. Plus, I’ve gotten a better lifestyle for myself and family.”

Q: “What do you like to do outside of work?”

A: “During the summer time, my family spends a lot of time at the lake. Winter months, we do a lot of camping. I just love being outside.”

Q: “What’s your favorite meal?”

A: “Lasagna, hands down.”

Q: “What is your biggest pet peeve?”

A: “Squeezing toothpaste from the middle instead of the end of the tube.”