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Cox Crew: Meet Russ Burton, sales coordinator at Cox Roofing

Since 2013, Russ Burton has been serving customers with a smile at Cox Roofing. He began his career at Cox as a foreman on job sites across Southwest Missouri, but he quickly moved into sales for the company. He’s excelled in both positions at Cox.

The sales coordinator, father and Kansas City Chiefs fan shares what it means to be a part of the Cox Crew.

Q: “What are three words that describe Cox Roofing?”
A:  “Honest, Fun, and Teamwork.”

Q: “What do you like most about working for Cox?” 
A: “What I enjoy the most is how Cox rewards employees for hard work. The least? The heat.”

Q: “What have you gained from working at Cox Roofing?”
A: “Problem solving skills, maturity and responsibility.”

Q: “If given the chance, what person would you like to be for a day?”
A: “Patrick Mahomes.”

Q: “You’re a proud husband and dad. What’s your family like?”
A: “I have a wonderful wife named Kortney, who just graduated with her master’s degree in nursing. She’s incredible, and I have an amazing son named Talen. He’s in sixth grade and loves football and basketball. They’re the best.”

Q: “Best vacation you’ve ever been to?”
A: “Negril, Jamaica. We went there on our honeymoon. I’d love to go back.”