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3 Reasons To Not Rush Your Roofing Project

For most homeowners, the last thing they want to do is repair their roof. It’s oftentimes expensive, a hassle and a complicated process they just want to get over with. So when any roofing company knocks on their door two days after a storm, offering a quick repair and a fast resolution, the temptation to get a roof repair over with is strong.

But rushing a roof project can be one of the worst things homeowners can do.

Here are three reasons to not rush most roof projects.

1. Rushed Repairs Are Bad Repairs

Like any home repair, when the work is rushed, the results aren’t great. You’ve been there — the splats of paint on the floor when rolling paint too quickly, uneven grass from a quick pass of your lawn mower, or water damage from a toilet installed in a hurry.

Roofing companies that are here today, claim processed tomorrow and repair complete in record time — that’s an indication of cut corners and lack of diligence. Repairs completed in less than two days should always be suspect, and companies that promise significantly faster turnaround times than local, reputable roofing companies should be closely investigated.

And, most costly, poorly executed roof work can still be paid for by your insurance company — but repairing bad labor often is not. You might be out $1,000 for your deductible, but your insurance company won’t cover the potential cost to repair an initial shotty roofing repair or replacement. That means you’re left to cover the repair.


2. Your Repair Can Wait

There are two different types of roof damage: physical and cosmetic.

Cosmetic issues like dented vents or black algae on the shingles are superficial damage to your roofing components. Your home and its structure are protected from any rain and water damage, while your shingles externally might not appear their best.

Physical damage is the bad stuff — the leaking, creaking, blown-off kind of damage often caused by storms and some larger hail. But even though hail damage is the number one cause of roof replacement, hail damage can often be little more than cosmetic.

Bottom-line: if your roof isn’t leaking, it does not need to be replaced right away.

Waiting three to six months after a bad hail storm for your roof to be replaced is not something to be afraid of — it’s a good sign that your home had a strong, sturdy roof in the first place. It’ll last another few months and deserves a professional response and not the fastest.

 3. Your Insurance Company Will Pay For Repairs Up to 12 Months After a Claim is Filed

After a storm and you suspect damage, a professional roofer can advise you on the next steps. Some times this would first be an inspection followed by a call to your insurance when a claim is filed. But if your roof isn’t leaking, this is where the process can pause — with no risk or disadvantage for you.

Here’s why: Your insurance company will pay for a roof replacement up to 12 months after a claim is filed.

Stormchasers will tell homeowners that they need to get their roof repaired and quickly — but that’s only to benefit them, not you. You do not have to sign a contract or accept a bid from a subpar roofing company because you’ve been told you need to repair your roof right away. If it’s not leaking, it can wait.

Waiting three to six months to get your roof repaired is normal and nothing to be afraid of — quite the opposite. A roofing company that is busy during a bad storm season is a company that’s reputable, reliable and known locally for exceptional craftsmanship. Don’t settle for a quick fix; your home and family deserve the best.


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