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Heavy winds damage area roofs

Tornados and heavy winds have hit the area and damaged a lot of roofs. And like clockwork, out-of-state roofing companies are swarming in, knocking on doors, and signing people up. Unfortunately, many of these companies are claiming to be local, obtaining local numbers when they arrive. Their representatives may seem nice enough, but what kind of work will their workers do? And what assurance do you have that the company will stick around to correct any problems once they’re finished working in the area.

The roof may look nice from the ground, but if an inspector got up there, what would he or she see? Was the chimney properly flashed? Were the valleys done properly? Sometimes it takes a hard rain to reveal a problem, which may take months after installation to occur…long after many roofers have pulled stakes and moved on. Also, if your roof is improperly installed, your insurance company won’t pay to fix or redo your roof. And the manufacturer’s warranty will probably be void.

That 10 year labor warranty looks nice on paper, but if they did a lousy job and you can’t find the company, what good is it?

All I can say is do some research before signing up with anyone. Look at their proposal for an address. Is it a P.O. Box? Not a good sign. Or ask them for the location of their business and drive by it. It could be a house or a motel. Call the Better Business Bureau. Or do a Google search on them. It only takes a minute to do some basic research and could save you years worth of headaches.