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Roofing Process Video

We have created a video showing our process from start to finish. Check the link below to see our professional contractors at work.


Roof Process Video

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The Completed Project


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About using a company you saw working in the neighborhood

Homeowners often get three bids for their roofing project. And in that mix of bids is often a company or guy who did their neigbor's roof. People trust their neighbors. They want to believe their neighbor wouldn't allow a bad company on their property, often to the point that the homeowner doesn't even do their research. These companies may not have insurance. Or they have trucks with out-of-state plates (meaning they may be here today and gone tomorrow). Or they may not even know what they're doing (which will reveal itself in leaks). They may have a myriad of issues that upon further inspection should erect red flags.

The reason I hear most often in the case of a homeowner who hired a neighbor's roofer to do their project is "It looked like they did a good job." My question is "How do you know?" Seriously. Unless you get up on the roof and inspect the work (and know what you're looking for), you don't really know how good a job that company did. They may have been nice to your neighbor and kept the ground clean, but you can't tell how well a roof has been installed from 40 feet away.

So please: Do your research. Ask for insurance paperwork from anyone you plan to hire. Go by their workplace. Do the minimal detective work to protect yourself from future headaches by going beyond "It looks like they did a good job." It will be money well spent.



It's okay to roof in the winter.

As we near Fall and the weather turns colder, we often get calls by people who are in a panic to replace their roof. Some actually think we close down for a few months until it begins to warm up again. The fact is, it's okay to install shingles in the winter. As long as it's not too cold.

For those who are worried the shingles won't seal down when it's colder, know that it's usually10-20 degrees warmer on the roof (especially when the sun's shining). Even in the coldest temperatures, it only takes is a few days of sunlight for the shingles to seal down thoroughly. And if there are a few stragglers, we have a 10 year labor warranty -- we'll take care of it.

If I were having a roof installed, I'd actually prefer it to be done in cooler temperatures. In the heat of the summer (when people think it's the best time), it's actually the worst time to have a roof installed (by companies whose employees aren't careful, anyway). Shingles are made of asphalt, and when they heat up, they're very easy to scuff. I can't tell you how many times I've been on roofs installed by others that include skid marks and actual foot prints here and there -- all installed in the summer, I have no doubt.

So if you're waiting until Spring for a new roof, but you really need one sooner, don't wait. It's okay to roof now,



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